Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Book Review ~ Resistance, Jaye L. Knight

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Title: Resistance
Author: Jaye L. Knight
Series: The Ilyon Chronicles
Stars: 4 out of 5

Where do I even start to write this review! Even though I rated it only 4 stars that doesn't mean I didn't think it was just plain awesome!!! It was down-right awesome!

I absolutely adore Jaye's writing style. It was so easy to connect with the characters and made it easy to understand what they were going through.
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The only reason I rated it 4 stars instead of 5 was because of the whole storyline. I know it's only the first book and it's building a strong beginning to the rest of the series, but it just seemed a bit slow. The way it was written helped to draw the reader in, but there really wasn't much to the plot. It's still an enjoyable read though.

Now I just have to rave about that ending for a second! That ending "speech" was awesome to read! I got all giddy inside! Beautiful!!

This whole book is beautiful! If you love Christian Fantasy, you would probably enjoy this read. I can hardly want to read the rest of the series!
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  1. I've heard a lot about this series. ;) Sounds amazing!!

    1. I heard a ton about this series, that one of the reasons I wanted to read it so much. It is amazing, you should read it! :)


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