Monday, October 3, 2016

The Beauty Around Me

Somehow, I kind of forgot about my blog and managed to, umm...not post in the month of September. Sorry about that guys. :( It feels as if I blinked and October is here. Where has this year gone to?? *pity party*

But anyway... Fall is here--even though Kansas doesn't know it yet. Fall is my absolute favorite season of the year. Just saying. :)

I adore all the beautiful changes in colors, the evenings getting dark earlier and playing flashlight tag with family and friends, the cooler weather, pulling out winter clothes and wearing silly striped socks, curling up with a good book, and having a reason to just sit around with the family telling stories.

So as you can tell, I'm in my happy place now. Here in Kansas we haven't quite gotten the beautiful colors or fallen leaves yet, but it's showing signs of it.

Anyway, I just wanted to pop in to make sure you all knew I was still here--and that my favorite season is fall. I will try to be more faithful in the future to post more often. I'm having trouble coming up with things to post about, so if you have any ideas, please let me know. What would you like to read about? Ask me a very involved question and I might come up with a whole post to answer it.


  1. *happy sigh* Ahhh, yes, I love fall too. :) Autumn – such a pretty word, don't ya think? (Love the pictures, btw.)
    Hmm, what would I like to read about... Well, these may not be very involved questions, but here's a few: What's your favorite genre to read? How did you come up with the title for your blog? And, what nudged you into the blogging world?

    1. I agree with you completely! Autumn is actually one of my favorite words.

      Those are great questions and I think I could probably build on them. Thanks for the ideas! :)


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