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RJF ~ Author Interview ~ Nicole Sager

Hi everyone! I have a special treat today for you all! Please welcome Nicole Sager to the blog!!! =D


For starters, how long have you been writing and when did you publish your first book?

I've been writing for about 16 years now (that's my best guess!), and while I cringe whenever I think about my earliest works I know they helped me grow as a writer. I do have one series that I think has a lot of potential, and I'd like to give those books a major "makeover" and work on publishing them. The first book I published was The Heart of Arcrea, and that was in Sept. 2012. That was an incredible experience, and God definitely had His hand on the ordeal. The whole process took only a week (and I was a beginner!).

Is there a certain book of yours--published or not yet out for the public--that holds a special place in your heart?

The Heart of Arcrea will always have a special place in my heart, being the first one published as well as having something about it that draws me in every time I open it to glance through! Besides that, I would have to say Burdney is the one that has special meaning for me. There's a lot of "me" that went into that story.

Are there any authors that when you read their books it makes you want to write like them?

Absolutely! I really admire Lori Benton's way with words, as well as her character depth, and the way her stories are both raw and real. Chuck Black and Rachel Rossano are two others I enjoy reading for inspiration in the medieval/fantasy category. Both have a style that draws you in and allows you to experience the imaginary worlds they've created.

Where is the place where you get your biggest inspiration for writing? In a field, bedroom, Pinterest, etc.?

Ah, Pinterest. It grabs me and pulls me in to a world of pictures, possibilities, and...recipes. I enjoy creating boards for each of my books, and encourage readers to use this venue to take a peek into the world of Arcrea! There's even a board where you can pin your own Arcrean inspiration! - https://www.pinterest.com/heartofarcrea

Tell us a little bit about how you write. No words added all week, then suddenly you add several thousand, constantly writing and can’t stop, etc. How is it for you?

I would love to say I use every spare moment of my time to write. Unfortunately...I don't. When I start a book I usually get a few chapters done within the first few days (once that ominous blank page 1 has a few words on it), and then I start to slow down. For a while I write every now and then, as inspiration strikes, until one day it all comes together in my mind and I can't seem to keep up with my thoughts. The last half of the book usually comes quicker for me. During that time my dear family just keeps my coffee cup full and understands when I don't even realize anyone else is in the room.

And the question I’m sure a lot of people are wondering, do you have a goal for the date of your next book release?

Hahaha...I keep asking myself that same question! I'm currently in that middle stage mentioned in my previous answer. Writing is a bit slow right now, and most of my energy goes into my other job as a nanny. That being said, I am currently working on Chapter 10 of Cleftlocke, introducing a new creature to the world of Arcrea/Mizgalia, and in general making life rather miserable for Dainger of Rhulsh.

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  1. Fun interview! Loved reading your answers, Nicole! :)

    1. Thank you so much! Deborah is such a sweet young lady to work with.


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