Wednesday, June 1, 2016

RJF ~ The Sherwood Ring

For the first Recommend June Fest post, I'm going to recommend...
The Sherwood Ring!

About the book:

Newly orphaned Peggy Grahame is caught off-guard when she first arrives at her family's ancestral estate. Her eccentric uncle Enos drives away her only new acquaintance, Pat, a handsome British scholar, then leaves Peggy to fend for herself. But she is not alone. The house is full of mysteries and ghosts. Soon Peggy becomes involved with the spirits of her own Colonial ancestors and witnesses the unfolding of a centuries-old romance against a backdrop of spies and intrigue and of battles plotted and foiled.

Favorite quote from the book:

“"Put him in there and chain him up," he ordered curtly. "Yes, that chain, you fool - do you see any other chain in that cell? Peaceable Sherwood? I'm tired of hearing about Peaceable Sherwood! Turn him loose in the cell for the night. - Which one of you said 'Where'll he be by morning?' Where does he look like he's going to be by morning, I ask you - a hundred and fifty miles away?"
I was, to be exact, only seven and a half miles away by morning...”  

My opinion of the book:

Even though the synopsis makes it sound really weird and spooky, it is actually quite the opposite. It's a thrilling book of "good guy chasing the bad guy."

I absolutely love the characters! They tell an amazing story with so many scenes that just make you want to laugh out loud. And Peaceable Drummond Sherwood is up there with my favorite fictional characters!

A book that I will highly recommend. A small warning: even though the book is sound, it's not Christian fiction.


  1. This book sounds cool! Actually, the cover reminds me a little of the Chaucer book that I read a few days ago ;) Elizabeth Marie Pope sounds familiar, what other books has she written?

    1. It is really cool!!!! She's only written two books, the other one is The Perilous Gard. I've read it and it's not anything like this one. It was so much more spookier.


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